Board Members

  • Mitch Marks, President
  • Nanette Stearns, Vice President
  • Michael Vaughn, Treasurer
  • Claude Peck, Secretary
  • Chris Berry
  • Brian Dahlvig
  • Camille Erickson
  • Greg Hewett
  • Paul Kaefer
  • James Lewis
  • Howard Maki
  • Jeff Rathermel
  • Phil Voight

Board Members are elected to three-year terms. A person may serve up to nine years on the board before they must take a mandatory one year break. The only requirement to serve on the board of directors is to be a current member of the Quatrefoil Library.

Board elections are held yearly in November.  While anyone is welcome to join the board, the library is looking people with backgrounds in:

  • Copy Writing
  • Donor Relations
  • Finance
  • Fundraising
  • Grant Writing
  • The law
  • Library Sciences
  • Marketing