The Library is a testament to the two men, David Irwin and Dick Hewetson, who started acquiring for their personal pleasure, quickly realized a need in their community, and moved to fill it. Their vision, commitment and generosity is equaled only by that of all those who have worked so diligently for so many years to make their dream a reality and keep it alive.

From The History of the Quatrefoil Library by Adam G. Keim

Each year over 5,100 hours are volunteered at the library. While it is impossible to acknowledge every volunteer who has donated their time, the library would not exist without the dedication of the following people:

David Irwin: Co-Founder of the Quatrefoil Library
Simply put, the library would not exist without David.

Dan Hanson: Founding member, President of the Board of Directors
Dan Hanson was one of the six people who were at the original founding brunch of the Library. The library would not exist without Dan and even in passing he remains an inspiration to volunteers today.

Dale Johnson: focused mostly on development
Dale’s expertise in creative fundraising and strategic planning gave the Library a much needed resource to improve its visibility and membership. The library honors Dales memory with the Dale Johnson Development Award,which goes to someone who strives to promote the visibility and community relations of the Library.