Lost Gay Novels

From Lost Gay Novels: A Reference Guide to Fifty Works From the First Half of the Twentieth Century, by Anthony Slide.

*Quatrefoil does not own (20 titles).

  1. Quatrefoil by James Barr
  2. The Great Light by Larry Barretto*
  3. All Things Human by Stuart Benton*
  4. Dwell in the Wilderness by Alvah Bessie*
  5. Revelation by André Birabeau*
  6. The Christmas Tree by Isabel Bolton
  7. The End of My Life by Vance Bourjaily*
  8. Gentlemen, I Address You Privately by Kay Boyle
  9. This Man Is My Brother by Myron Brinig*
  10. The Brick Foxhole by Richard Brooks*
  11. Greenmantle by John Buchan*
  12. The Gallery by John Horne Burns
  13. Serenade by James M. Cain
  14. The Western Shore by Clarkson Crane*
  15. The Welcome by Hubert Creekmore*
  16. The Opening of a Door by George Davis*
  17. The Gay Year by Michael de forrest
  18. The Night Air by Harrison Dowd
  19. A Strange Love: A Novel of Abnormal Passion by George Eekhoud
  20. The Sling and the Arrow by Stuart Engstrand
  21. Shadows Flying by John Evans
  22. The Dark Mother by Waldo Frank*
  23. The Dark Peninsula by Ernest Frost*
  24. Bertram Cope’s Year by Henry Blake Fuller
  25. The Murder of My Aunt by Richard Hull*
  26. The Fall of Valor by Charles Jackson
  27. The Divided Path by Nial Kent
  28. Butterfly Man by Lew Levenson
  29. Sheila Lacey by Jean Lyttle*
  30. This Fine Shadow by Harlan Cozad McIntosh
  31. Vestal Fire by Compton Mackenzie
  32. The Folded Leaf by William Maxwell
  33. Better Angel by Richard Meeker
  34. To Kiss the Crocodile by Ernest Milton
  35. Knock on Any Door by Willard Motley
  36. Strange Brother by Blair Niles
  37. He Swung and He Missed by Eugene O’Brien*
  38. Concert Pitch by Elliot Paul
  39. The Bitterweed Path by Thomas Hal Phillips
  40. Promise of Love by Mary Renault
  41. The Dazzling Crystal by Janet Schane*
  42. Forest Fire by Rex Stout*
  43. The Last Enemy: A Study of Youth by L.A.G. Strong (Leonard Alfred George)*
  44. Twilight Men by André Tellier
  45. Stranger in the Land by Ward Thomas
  46. The Invisible Glass by Loren Wahl
  47. Mr. Fortune’s Maggot by Sylvia Townsend Warner
  48. Maiden Voyage by Denton Welch
  49. End as a Man by Calder Willingham
  50. Other Man’s Saucer by J. (John) Keith Winter*