Make an Online Donation to an endowment fund.

For 30 years, donors and volunteers have made it possible for the Quatrefoil Library to be one the preeminent GLBT libraries in the world! The Library runs on volunteers — from the Board members to the desk workers — and does not have a single paid staff position. Your financial gift helps sustain all that we do.


Quatrefoil has four endowment funds. The endowments are to help secure, strengthen, and extend the long-term survival and mission of the Library. They provide additional monies for outreach programs not funded by other revenues, such as those provided annually by the Library’s members and friends. The funds are:

David D. Irwin Fund: (named after one of the Library’s founders), this fund facilitates housing the Library and may be used to meet expenses that cannot be funded by other sources.

Acquisition Fund: the purpose of this fund is primarily to pay for procurement of Library materials.

Hengel Fund: this fund supports and maintains purchases of the motion picture collections.

Scholarship Fund : Created in 2018, this fund will provide tuition assistance to college-bound LGBTQ students or those already enrolled as undergraduates.

For more information, please contact us.


Acquisitions Fund. A donation will help us purchase the latest relevant books, DVDs and other resources, allowing us to keep our collection fresh and vital.

Quatrefoil Library is a tax-exempt organization; donations are tax deductible to the extent permitted by law. Always consult a licensed attorney for legal advice regarding your individual circumstances.