Quatrefoil has three endowment funds. You can add to any of them. The endowments are to help secure, strengthen, and extend the long-term survival and mission of the Library. They provide additional monies for outreach programs not funded by other revenues, such as those provided annually by the Library’s members and friends. The funds are:

David D. Irwin Fund: named after one of the Library’s founders, this fund facilitates housing the Library, and may be used to meet expenses that cannot be funded by other sources.

Acquisition Fund: the purpose of this fund is primarily to pay for procurement of Library materials.

Hengel Fund: this fund maintains and funds purchases of the motion picture collections.

The Library’s Investment Committee recommends to the organization’s Board of Directors how the endowed funds are invested and to be spent, with the goal that the funds will not only be permanent but may increase over time through appreciation, reinvestment of stock dividends, and/or net income from earnings. For more information, please contact us.

Quatrefoil Library is a tax-exempt organization; donations are tax deductible to the extent permitted by law. Always consult a licensed attorney for legal advice regarding your individual circumstances.