Volunteers are the heart and soul of the Quatrefoil Library and there are many ways you can contribute:

Purpose: Develops acquisition policies with Board or Directors. Research and acquire new materials.

Desk Volunteer
Purpose: To provide a high level of service to members visiting and calling the library. Check materials in and out. Manage filing of materials. Assist members in finding materials.

Purpose: Propose financial targets to the Board of Directors. Works with all committees on financial needs. Generates development ideas in collaboration with the Board. Desirable committee members include donors, visionaries, those with development experience. Grant writing experience is very important for this committee.

Purpose: Oversee all financial needs of the library. This committee needs persons with financial expertise, knowledge of investments.

Purpose: Develop plans to attract new members and increase diversity of library membership. Hold special events to raise awareness about library.

Purpose: The Quatrefoil Library is always looking for newsletter contributions (such as individual stories).

Purpose: Oversee all library operations. Sort through donated materials and select those to be catalogued. Prepare materials to be added to the collection. Organize periodicals collection. Seeking persons with library operations experience.

Program Planning
Purpose: Identify and schedule a wide array of social, educational/informational, and entertaining programs.

Purpose: Work with all committees and Board members to develop publicity for all library events. PR/advertising expertise; graphic artist, media people, writers, are all needed for this committee.

Special Projects
Purpose: To perform tasks related to time-specific events or projects. Opportunities to assist will exist several times a year.

Purpose: Attract, train and support all volunteer members of the library. Develop campaigns to attract new volunteers. Organize volunteer recognition events.